Vinci Paragliding

Installation & Towing


On a car hook using a tower, with easy-to-use mounting

On a car roof without the need for a tower

Inside a car using a tower and sunroof.

Towing – Step by Step:

1. Position the car facing away from the paraglider's takeoff spot, at least 10 meters away.
Towing 10%
2. Activate the winch with the POWER button.
Towing 20%
3. Unroll the rope manually from the drum and attach it to the paraglider.
Towing 30%
4. Move the car 80-100 meters away from the paraglider.
Towing 40%
5. Press the PULL button, then use the UP and DOWN buttons to adjust the towing force, considering both the pilot's weight and wind force (detailed instructions in the user manual)
Towing 50%
6. When the take off director gives permission to start, accelerate the car to a speed of 40-50 km/h (depending on the wind force), then maintain a constant speed until the tow is completed.
Towing 60%
7. Give the command "end of tow" and wait for the paraglider to release.
Towing 80%
8. Press the REWIND button – this will automatically reel in the rope, stopping when there is about 25 meters left or when you use the STOP button.
Towing 90%
9.Wind up the remaining rope by holding the REWIND button until the safety mechanism switches off the winding mode.
Holowanie 100%